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in the wake of George Floyd’s death, the calls to abolish or defund the police have come to the forefront of the political debate, in the US and elsewhere.

While “defund the police” makes for a catchy slogan, the logic behind it is nuanced. It doesn’t simply amount to getting rid of the police force (though this end is certainly fundamental to the idea – MPD150 explicitly call for a “Police-Free Future.”) Rather, the goal is reallocation – resources, funding, and responsibilities taken away from the police and funnelled into other initiatives that might improve public safety.

This site looks to discuss and debate this and related issues in a civilised manner

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Police Origins

In American cities, increasing urbanization rendered the night-watch system completely useless as communities got too big. The first publicly funded, organized police force with officers on duty full-time was created in Boston in 1838. Boston was a large shipping commercial center, and businesses had been hiring people to protect their property and safeguard the transport of goods from the port of Boston to other places, says Potter. These merchants came up with a way to save money by transferring to the cost of maintaining a police force to citizens by arguing that it was for the "collective good."

London in the early 1800s had a population of nearly a million and a half people but was policed by only 450 constables and 4,500 night watchmen. The idea of professional policing was taken up by Sir Robert Peel when he became Home Secretary in 1822. Peel's Metropolitan Police Act 1829 established a full-time, professional and centrally-organised police force for the greater London area known as the Metropolitan Police.

Key Messages

  1. The Death of George Floyd
    Two autopsies concluded the death was a homicide. Chauvin was charged with murder and three other officers — Thomas Lane and Alexander Kueng, who both helped hold down Floyd, and Tou Thao, who kept onlookers at bay — were charged as accomplices.
  2. The Spineless Politicians
    A radical group of leftists want to scream and holler about defunding the police and spineless politicians give in to that
  3. The Site Rules
    Remember the Rules people!!
  4. the EU GDPR (2018) Are you in the EU?
  5. the Racial Profiling In London
    The review found no evidence at all of racial profiling. There have been comments reported today that these officers, who carried out the stop, are ‘clearly racist’ and even ‘two active racists’. I cannot say strongly enough how wholly unfair that is based upon the evidence and the review carried out.
  6. We want the dismantling of the LAPD entirely
    Filmmaker Carter Moon, 27, said during one budget hearing. “We are working toward abolition, and every day you are just getting in our way."
  7. Police Chief of the Month
    Seattle's police chief said she's resigning because of a 'lack of respect' paid to her officers and not budget cuts
  8. Yes Black Lives Matter
    But what do you have to say about it?
  9. the 13 cities defunding their Police Departments
    At least 13 U.S. cities have cut funding from police department budgets or decreased officer numbers with several more in the process amid a national reckoning over systemic racism and police brutality

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